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Our Partners

Project D.I.P. rallies support from the People, Private and Public (3P) Sectors


RSVP Singapore

RSVP Singapore The Organisation of Senior Volunteers is an Institution of Public Character and the National Centre of Excellence for Senior Volunteerism. Since its inception, RSVP Singapore has been actively engaging seniors in purpose-driven volunteerism.

“Many volunteers were encouraged by the positive learning attitudes of the students and were glad that they were able to help them improve their digital literacy skills whilst learning useful knowledge themselves. With the positive feedback from schools, students and volunteers, we will be reaching to more schools through this partnership with Project D.I.P..”


- Ms Meng Fong, Executive Director


Engineering Good

Engineering Good is a charity that works to empower inclusivity for disadvantaged communities.


One of its flagship programmes, Computer against Covid, involves collecting, refurbishing and distributing laptops to the less privileged. Engineering Good provides laptops to the beneficiaries of Project D.I.P.

“By partnering with social service organizations and ground up groups such as Project D.I.P, Engineering Good aims to deliver timely and targeted services to the communities we serve, creating maximum impact with the resources we have.”


- Johann Annuar, Executive Director



New laptops are brought to replace old, slow laptops in Singapore every day. Recycling by donating your old, unused laptop to RE-PC gives it a second life, benefitting youths. 

“The RE-PC mission is to create educational opportunities for less fortunate children. Combining our resources with social organisations such as Project DIP provide a holistic programme in digital literacy and inclusivity.”


- David Isaac, Founder



The partnership between Project D.I.P and the team from GIC’s Technology Group was ideal as the teams found synergies in their skills and offerings to plug a gap in the community.


The skills and expertise in the field of technology brought on by the GIC team and their desire to give back to the community made them perfect partners for Project D.I.P, which primarily focuses on equipping disadvantaged students and individuals with the necessary equipment and knowledge to be digitally literate and participate effectively in digital learning courses.

“We are excited to be supporting Project D.I.P. through With Love, GIC. Despite the limitations faced due to strict regulations, the team at Project D.I.P has stopped at nothing to plan every workshop rigorously to ensure participants and volunteers alike, are safe and taken care of.”


- Ugine Chua, Data Engineer

one triple 4 comms.png

One Triple Four Communications

Powerful storytelling is key in effective communication to drive one’s message across. At One Triple Four, we love content. We tell your brand story. 

“Working with organisations, like Project DIP, that drive positive change is part of the ethos of One Triple Four. We believe in the importance of curated content experiences and work closely with Project DIP to amplify the messaging of their 4E framework.”


- Joan Leong, Director



Project D.I.P works with IMDA to facilitate the applications of NEU PC Plus for eligible students



Project D.I.P. works closely with schools to identify students who could benefit from this digital inclusion programme. The schools also provide venue support for Project D.I.P. to conduct the digital literacy workshops.

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