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Project DIP 4E Framework: ELEVATE

It is observed that there is limited capacity in the HDB rental communities to assist those who experienced technical difficulties with their laptops.

There are public education efforts in place to help raise media literacy and combat misinformation:

The Digital Readiness Blueprint chaired by Dr Janil, has identified four basic digital skills for everyday activities.

  1. Expand and enhance digital access for inclusivity

  2. Infuse digital literacy into national consciousness

  3. Empower community and business to drive widespread adoption of technology

  4. Promote digital inclusion by design

The SG Digital Office has a range of online resources to equip members of the public with digital literacy skills.

The Media Literacy Council has also curated a curriculum to help individuals to discern online falsehoods and to stay safe on the internet.

Elevating IT capacities in the Communities

Project D.I.P. will work with Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) and community volunteers to train up some youths residing in the community to be IT ambassadors, equipping them with the IT support skills such as laptop repair and troubleshooting.

In the pipeline -- monthly IT clinics to provide assistance to others in their community who are in need of such IT support.

We also plan to set-up interest groups in the respective People’s Association (PA) grassroots organisations to roll out suitable workshops based on needs and interest-areas identified in each community. We will guide the interest groups to curate resources and conduct classes at the communities for the residents. This ensures programme ownership and sustainability in resources for communities digital literacy and ICT knowledge gap.

If you are interested in volunteering to conduct workshops through our programme, please contact us at

Read more about our 4E Framework: Equip




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