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Project DIP 4E Framework: EMPOWER

As part of the Ministry of Education’s National Digital Literacy programme, the ministry has introduced enhanced cyber-wellness education in schools to help students manage their use of personal learning devices in a safe and responsible manner. This ensures students have the right values and attitudes to navigate cyberspace. Students also undergo baseline training in information and communications technology on how to use software applications.

At the primary level, there will be a greater emphasis on cyber wellness education as part of Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) 2021. Programmes such as ‘Code for Fun’ help students learn computational thinking and coding through visual programming-based lessons.

Empowering individuals with digital literacy skills

There is a need to empower students residing in rental communities with basic laptop-operating skills (e.g., how to turn on battery saving mode) and cyber hygiene habits (e.g., how to update anti-virus software).

From a ground survey conducted by Project D.I.P. with students from lower-income families in December 2020, 100% of them ranked computer maintenance and navigating computer settings as the most important module.

Project D.I.P. recognises that additional support from digital literacy workshops could help close the knowledge gap, and will work with students who receive a laptop through our partner programmes with non-profit organisations, or through the NEU PC Plus Programme by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).

The digital literacy workshop is designed to align with the Ministry of Education’s National Digital literacy Programme framework of “Find, Think, Apply, Create”. The curriculum of the workshop is designed to allow for volunteers of the schools to conduct. Parents will also undergo a briefing session that shares with them ways to monitor their child’s online activities and tips to support their child’s online learning.

Project D.I.P. has also in the process of curating a resource package for alumni of the school to volunteer in providing continued basic technical support or thematic workshops for students who are weaker in digital uptake.

If you are interested in volunteering to conduct workshops through our programme, please contact us at

Read more about our 4E Framework: Equip




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